Light is an essential component in defining what we see, how we feel, how we interact with one another and how we interact with our environment.

Cundall Light4 offers specialist design and expertise, carefully considering all the elements of the process – landscape lighting strategies, daylight design, architectural lighting design and ultra-efficient lighting design and commissioning.

Cundall Light4 provide the following services:


  • Landscape lighting strategies
  • Façade lighting design concepts
  • Light pollution studies

Designing for Daylight

  • Climate based daylight modelling
  • Glare analysis
  • Gallery lux hour analysis

Architectural Lighting Design

  • People and task focused design
  • Interior lighting concept design
  • Luminaire product design

Lighting Control System Design

  • Light measurement studies
  • Lighting control set up
  • Shading system commissioning


Andrew Bissell

T +44 (0)161 244 5660

EFA Baseline Design
GBC Office Health and Productivity
CIBSE SLL Lighting for Education

AJ -  Workspace of the Future
FX - Workplace daylight
FX -  Illuminating churches
FX - Light as Art
LUX - Healthcare discussion
LUX - University lighting
LUX - Energy Efficient Light
LUX Video - What I Believe
ILP - FC200
NLQ - LED lighting
CIBSE - Design with BIM
CIBSE - Casting Light on Sound
Lighting - Workplace LEDs
Lighting - Workplace lighting
Mondo - Historic Lighting