IT and audio visual

Impact, Collaborate and Entertain

Cundall’s IT and audio visual team is a independent technology consultant which designs IT infrastructure and audio visual into a building from the outset - meeting our clients strategic aims, improving flexibility and avoiding compromise.

We often act as the interface between property/building managers, IT departments and design teams to define the technology strategy for a new or refurbished buildings, design and specify systems, advise on procurement and monitor installation quality.

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We provide an integrated design approach, in collaboration with our in-house building services, lighting, security and acoustic teams, along with individual IT and audio visual appointments.

We achieve the following benefits for our clients:

  • Mobility - Agile and activity based working
  • Integrated - Single card for access control, vending, meeting rooms, desks/lockers
  • Efficient - Space utilisation: desks and meeting rooms
  • Low energy - Control for buildings targeting high LEED/BREEAM accreditations
  • Robust - Proven and auditable design, international best practice
  • Management - Networked: remote management
  • Cost control - Budget, lifecycle cost certainty, transparent procurement
  • Reduce risk - Building appraisal, IT, audio visual and security design
  • Standards - Continuity, ease of use, lower estate management cost