Health and wellbeing

Our environment has a direct impact on our wellbeing as we spend on average 90% of our time indoors. We believe that buildings should deliver healthy environments for people, which is why we are pleased to see the introduction of the WELL Building Standard® to promote this.

Research demonstrate that when in healthy office environments, productivity increases, absenteeism reduces and concentration improves. In the home sleeping patterns improves, respiratory issues decrease and even fitness can increase. Cundall is passionate about improving the way we live, work and is committed to delivering spaces that enhance the occupant’s health and quality of life. We deliver on our commitment to occupant wellbeing by providing services that include:

The WELL Building Standard® - WELL Accredited Professionals™ (WELL AP™)

  • The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. 
  • WELL AP™ are an professionals who have demonstrated to the WELL Building Institute that they understand the detailed requirements of the WELL Building standard. The credential demonstrated knowledge of the issues relating to human health and wellness in the built environment. Cundall is able to offer advice and guidance based on our experience in delivering the WELL Standard, helping clients to achieve WELL certification.

Healthy materials

The choice of materials and finishes are fundamental to achieving a healthy building. We use our knowledge of WELL and American air quality regulations, to provide design teams with advice and guidance on palettes of materials for all building types. The choice of materials needs to be considered in conjunction with in use-activities such as the cleaning protocols to ensure that what starts off as a healthy material remains so.

Air quality

We help optimise and enhance indoor air quality, by producing bespoke indoor air quality plans.  This would include air testing, monitoring as well as filter selection to enhance air quality. We could advise on the use of specific plants to actively clean the air, depending on the pollutant type. We also advise on cleaning plans to help maintain air quality during occupation. 

Water quality

  • It is generally accepted that water from a municipal supplies are of a high quality. However, for individual buildings and sites this may not be the case. 
  • In reality, if you don’t test, you don’t know what you have! We provide advice and guidance on water testing as well as remedial measures such as water filters, if required.

Biophilic design

  • Cundall has been carrying out research into the affinity of people to nature for a number of years. This is an fascinating and expanding field of knowledge. 
  • We provide design reviews and advice on a range of biophilic measures such as: 
    • Quality of daylight and melanopic lux.
    • Plants for people and places; impact on cognitive performance
    • Material texture and colour


  • On the back of NASA’s experience into the effectiveness of plants to improve air quality, Cundall has undertaken pioneering research into green roofs, living lungs and active green walls for purifying local air quality. 
  • We use this research to help optimise plant selection for different uses and locations
  • Understanding the sensitivity of certain plants to light levels is important in order for them to survive as well as avoiding them respiring during daylight hours.

Human comfort

  • It is fundamental that the basic building blocks for comfort, temperature, noise, humidity and air movement are designed correctly. Without these, it is impossible to deliver spaces where people can flourish. 
  • Cundall is an industry leader in setting and assessing design standards for human comfort and we provide expert advice where required.
  • It is not enough to design to a standard. Monitoring comfort levels and complaints is the only way of ensuring that comfort is delivered. 

Acoustic soundscapes

Acoustic design can be one of the greatest challenges in open plan office design. It is not just an issue of privacy/sound levels, it also about providing an acoustic landscape that enhances the occupants connection with nature. Cundall’s award winning acoustics team can help developed soundscapes that promote productivity and wellbeing.

For further information on these services please contact:

UK and Ireland: Alan Fogarty
Poland: Wojtek Stec
Spain: José Castilla
Romania: Paula Onofrievici
MENA: Hala Yousef
China and HK: Amie Shuttleworth
Australia: Andrew Thompson
Singapore: David Collins

The WELL Building Standards
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